Brief introduction notes on the club and its movement

The Matelica Cigar Club started was established in 2005 as Cultural Association, its mission is the organization of events to promote Matelica district, its food and wine peculiarities, the local history and pursue the passion for the “Slow Smoke” of its associates.

During these years the Club has organized a huge number of Cultural Events with attendees from all over the world.

Events that saw the participation of Members of the French Parliament, political leaders, representatives of the Republic of Cuba and other nations, artists from both show and fashion business, writers, painters, and, of course, Presidents of the other Italian cigar clubs.

International events, and among them the “Event” stands out as our signature feature, already a world-class event.

  • 4 editions of the “Encuentro Amigos de Partagas – Matelica
  • Il V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII “Encuentro Amigos de Partagas in Italia” which have beckoned more  than 1000 people in our town

The Cigar Club Matelica using the above mind-set and philosophy has organized moments of aggregation, which brought recognition. The club was rewarded, for two consecutive two-year period, the Best Club in Italy. At present the club has the larger number of members in Italy, for a total of 137 members.

The president of the Club, Mr Francesco Minetti, during the last year has been awarded the "Hombre Habanos Comunicación 2017" at the most prestigious cigar festival in the world, the XX Festival de l'Habano in Cuba.

Furthermore, our club will shortly join one of the most exclusive elite of the cigar world becoming one of the few Habanos Lounge in Italy.


The Matelica Cigar Club, furthermore, is member of C.C.A. (Cigar Club Association* – www.cigarassociation.itwww.forum-cca.it ) that is the national association gathering all the 70 Clubs present both in Italy and abroad for a total number of members exceeding 1,500.

Cigar Club Association (C.C.A.)

Cigar Club Association is a cultural association, established in 1999, gathering several Cigar Clubs and thousands of aficionados, in Italy and abroad. The association organizes conventions and events, at national and international level, both directly and through the associated clubs.

It is a no-profit and non-political association, of social and cultural nature, with the target of sharing the passion for cigars and the slow smoke as a mean of friendly gathering and cultural encounter.

Since 2003 the Association publishes the “Sigari!” magazine and organizes training courses of “Entranimiento Basico” (in 2017 the first ever all women course organized in our club premises) and Catadores, with the associated clubs (in 2016 in our club premises). All activities aimed to spread the knowledge of the history, the culture and tasting techniques of the cigar.

The "Event" and its associated project

In partnership with Cigar Club Matelica, with Diadema Spa, through two of its distinguished tobacco shops and the Verdicchio di Matelica Producers Association. With the patronage of Matelica City Council, of Marche Region, of the Republic of Cuba Embassy in Italy, of Mintur Cuba-Si and commercial partners, representing the excellence of the local and national economy.

The project is the final result of a broad term planning, developed from an initial experimental phase of promotion of the local features, of its awards winning wines, its food, cultural and historical excellences.

The many links with the Republic of Cuba and with the “Slow Smoke” world allow us to conceive an Event able to gather attendees such as: Well-known personalities of the “Slow Smoke” world, Italian and international intellectuals related to the food and wine culture. Wine, pasta, cured meats and other delicacies producers.

The 4 days event has a clear cultural feature and this is evident from the program detailed below.

This allows the creation of an event that will gather attendees from the cigar international circuit that has the maximum worldwide expression in the “CLUB Internazionale Amigos de Partagas” and the maximum Italian expression in C.C.A. (Cigar Club Association).

This has already been proved by other events with attendees coming from Spain, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Cayman Islands, Albania, Greece, Cuba, USA and Mexico.

In the last 8 years, the experiences of the previous editions of the event, brought our Hometown at the centre of the “Slow Smoke” and gastronomy world. The collaboration and the support of our fellow citizens and of the local commercial businesses proved that we can work together for the success of the event.


In the last two years the number of the attendees raised exponentially. Compared to the eleventh edition, in 2017 and 2018 we had a 20% increment. Here is a summary of the thirteenth edition numbers: opening evening 300 attendees, Thursday evening 270 attendees, 400 people for the Friday dinner in Borgo Lanciano, among those 200 attended the swimming pool event during the afternoon in the same location; 300 people for the final Gala dinner in Enrico Mattei square.

The various afternoons tasting events had seen attendances between 60 and 100 of cigar enthusiasts. The presence at the event of the Hombre Habanos, a paramount award in the cigar world, together with the achievement of the Habanos Lounge status of our club, the great passion showed by the attendees, the effective advertising by famous newspaper, important TV channels and social network lead us to believe in a further increase of the attendance for the future.

Advertising on the press

In the past the Event has been hosted on several newspapers and magazines: Monsieur, Cigar Journal, Gentleman, Epicure, STILL, L’Azione, Geronimo, SIGARI, Live In Magazine, and through our press office: Corriere Adriatico, Messaggero, QN – Resto del Carlino, Orizzonti della Marca and on many online website and blogs: Cronache Maceratesi, Vivere Camerino, Il Bicchere Di Verso, SigariAvana, StileMaschile, Uomo&Manager and Cucinaevini.it.

A dedicated space on local radio network such as Radio Blu and Radio Arancia.

The same applies to the websites: www.cigarassociation.it  e www.forum-cca.it (more than 1500 daily contacts), furthermore we have our dedicated website www.amigosdepartagas.it with the relevant Worldpress blog and social network: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Local TV network are also involved (E’ TV and TV Centro Marche) and, more important of all, in the last two years the Evento had its own space within TG5. This national TV news has confirmed its participation to this year event.